To those who have finished watching this drama and has plans on watching it again, I salute you! Lee Ga Eul [Employee] Guest Role. especially when she knew about her mother’s truth, her greedy selfish stubborn attitude..I don’t know if it’s the right time to judge her but she really doesn’t learn from her own mistakes and never listen to anyone as if she never had a family before.. she actually played it so well that everytime she shows up I almost throw my phone for real. Seo-jin asks Jin-hi for help as they reconcile. After watching at least around 8 to 9 episodes, I realized that Yeom Jungah-nim looked a bit like Philippine actress Vilma Santos. You'll get hooked from the first episode. Laishram Kishan Meitei Jan 20 2019 1:47 pm Please get Ms Kim into jail. Flower power Jan 29 2019 7:01 pm I tried to become impartial while watching several epusodes but I cant help hating Hye Na..sigh, even if I dont particularly like Ye Suh or her mom. Please don't be selfish and greedy. It's like, for rich people, SKY are the only universities or you're out. I really hope there’ll be a sequel for it. well executed though,. They got bad parenting skills except Lee Soo Im's family, Jin Jin's family although they sometimes got greedy but they overcame it for the sake of their son, and of course No Seung Hye.. she really deserves respect! Meanwhile, having enough with his mother, Su-han runs away from home before being found by Chi-yeong and her. She and Jun-sang apologizes to Woo-joo's parents and explains the tie-up after he is released. I mean I know the main focus is the parents and the main family is Ye Seo's family but I hope to see more of the other kids especially the twins. You know the actor's doing an amazing job if he/she is making you hate the character beyond reasoning. I like how the story change to the mystery genre. To the disbelief of everyone, she also admits her lies about being the daughter of a. Hye-na moves in to the Kang family, with Ye-bin waiting in excitement as she looks forward to be tutored, but dejection by Ye-seo as Hye-na is rank two on the school, just under her. Like gurl, im getting irritated by her and honestly I hope she doesn’t end up with woojoo. Why everyone hate hyena...!? However this drama was not what i expected and it blew my imagination. By ruining others' life? Amazing story, amazing cast, the director saw how amazing it would be when he told the writer to extend the script to 20 eps even before they started shooting!! They barely get any sleep at night all because they need to get into top universities to actually be recognized... what an irony. Outstanding drama! Indeed, most people learn from extreme pain in order to change for the better, to grow. This drama is so good and addictive, I started watching it two days ago and I'm already in the 16th episode. This drama is good but it somewhat makes you sad, that no matter what happen, most of the times, bad reigns.. Mays Feb 09 2019 6:35 am Su-han's parents become more lenient to him. “SKY Castle” mengikuti kehidupan 4 wanita yang tinggal di SKY Castle yang megah. Pretty sure I've hated almost every character at certain point in this drama. He leaves for Jeongseon Medical Center to see Su-chang, who advices him to think of the long term road Ye-seo can do, even if it means not entering SNU medical school. I dont hate hyena. At the funeral, Ye-bin overhears the truth about Hye-na. I congratulate the whole crew and cast!! You should give this a watch if you're tired of the rom-coms. Yeseo was extremely irritating at first. Sadness, Pain, Anger, Happiness... All the dammn feels. Simply because it does not apply to them. One word, Daebak!!! But now with experience since almost 10 years after university, he can change company all he wants and decide his salary, even european companies have contacted him. Meanwhile, Chi-yeong writes an article that defames Jun-sang and the hospital, hindering In-ho's pursue for public office. Lee Yun Seol. Nasii Dec 25 2018 2:05 am It is one of a kind, indeed. I love so much ?? Initially resistant to them joining, Jin-hi agrees after realizing Ye-seo has always been dominating the discussion. cuz it told more about family matters rather than love line. Han Seo-Jin seems to have a perfect life, but she has a secret. Han Seo-Jin (Yum Jung-Ah) is married to orthopedic surgeon Kang Joon-Sang (Jung Joon-Ho). :). She plays guitar for a while and wipes off his tear around his eyes. Woo Jo - stupid guy. Best drama I've watched. I know to myself that I am greedy too but not like these characters. Ga-Eul moves the mattress, Young-Jae goes to help her. Jtbc and Ocn dramas far is great than sbs,kbs or mbc dramas. So much happening, never a dull moment! This drama so great even the poster seems like promise it. They have a son. Great acting and worthy of all the awards and accolades. I loved how they played the music at exactly the right moment, it definitely played with my emotions :D Favourite couple is Jin Jin and the doctor with the problematic back, they were so entertaining, and oh my goodness, Coach Kim's facial expressions really made me want to slap her, it was all so natural i loved her acting (and she's so gorgeous too), Kang Ye Seo!!!! ?although I know,the world is becoming too busy... Sunday Feb 13 2019 12:12 pm hwang family is so cool, the moms aren't bad people, even tho they a lil bit evil, but twins mom love her sons, suh jin loves yeh suh and that younger mom is comical ><. I was immediately hooked after episode 1. Seung-hye discovers from her sister that Se-ri lied about her admission into Harvard and fled to South Korea to avoid a lawsuit by the school. Kang Family is a mess. Ye-seo, still in denial that a person she is in love with is arrested, cannot concentrate on her lessons, so Ju-yeong confines her for a week, which distresses Seo-jin. Before he throws a slap, he and Seo-jun throw him outside as Seung-hye watches. I can't play with my friends. SunnyNight Dec 24 2018 10:21 am the writer is truly gifted, a genius! Primary Details Cover Image Related Titles Cast Crew Genres Tags Release Information Services External Links ... [SKY Castle Security] Support Role. Can someone give me an answer why is this drama so high rated. Array(); Gad. This drama is honestly 10/10. I have nothing else to add. Even though it predictable after you reach the middle part, Jjivler Jan 14 2019 10:25 am lvrfn Feb 04 2019 6:46 am I recommend this drama, I realized a lot of things so I really don't know why people are getting bored lol Watch It, It Was More Than Worth It!! The mother, Su-im meets Seo-jin, whom she remembers as Gwang Mi-hyang from the orphanage her foster parents owned, an identity that she denies. I’m pretty glad I did. As lee ga eul. It needs to stop. Good use of humor and light situations to keep the mood from being completely dark. I hate ye suh and her mom, although they are the main character of this drama . First, nowadays parents raised their kids just to boast to friends n others. Realized that her plot is foiled, she plans to bring Ye-seo to the meditation room every day to indoctrinate her. Terrified by the story, Seo-jin runs to see Ju-yeong and slaps her after their cars crash into each other. I really like Hwang's family.. and i like Kang Ye-Bin and Cha Ki-Joon, i like their character.. Kang Chan-Hee i'm here because of you?? Overall, this was an involving drama, and I'm sure it struck a deeper cord in S. Korea. Su-im is disturbed by evening cram school students, including Ye-bin and Su-han, whom she witnesses stealing snacks from a minimart, so she handles them herself. Yong Jan 27 2019 11:49 am SKY 캐슬 "SKY Castle" follows the lives of 4 women living in luxurious SKY Castle neighborhood. This drama must get award. Unfortunately, they face the falling down at the bottom. I stopped watching Kdramas for more than a year now. It immediately became one my fave and best drama for me along with Scarlet Heart and DOTS. At first, I was just curious why it got so much attention and high ratings so I decided to watch the first episode only but guess what, I got more depressed. And also this series gives me Big Little Lies vibes for no reason. In the last few episodes, I had lots of tears. Maria Jan 02 2019 3:16 am Mercy May 13 2019 5:34 pm Please learn to crush your ego..nothing good comes from it. I'm impatient so I will watch this drama after ending. Tell the truth and be honest even if it hurts it's just a matter of time the truth will come out soon or later. I think it gave me some Big Little Lies vibes. not only for kdrama fans, this drama has unique vibes, anyone around the globe should watch it. Kim Joo-Young, the woman who played the coach was... No words. It looks interesting, Hoosierr Nov 02 2018 7:55 am Throughout the drama i was left shocked at the surprising scenes as well! somehow it reminds me of SK II cosmetic product advertised on tv luls, ouh and Jung Joon Ho here looks verrrryy handsome im astounded lol but he's a year older than my mom what am i thinking xDDD. The director really did amazing job. Basically everyone in South Korea watched this drama. W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); Rima Jan 24 2019 10:19 pm Woo Family is sometimes annoying but hilarious. Zoka Nov 04 2018 7:21 pm I'm here because jisoo and jennie watch this drama so yeahh ? The latter jumps off from a building on Woo-joo's birthday celebration. one of the best, like signal. I will wait another drama like this..Everyone Fighting on your own, I believe Everyone doing the best for their life :). Another Korean Drama that everyone must watch. Her secretary investigates her home and finds Eun-hye's phone. Satire drama? To Hye Na haters, sorry guys but she's bound to end up with Woo Joo. It's been such a long time since I last watched a drama, let alone a K-drama. After Mr sunshine, it’s a wonderful drama. The young actors are really killing it in their roles. With such status, people that surrounds you expects you to always be on top, and it is very exhausting. I’m awe, Well-done to all Sky Castle Team ? I love the fact that the actors/actresses that took the roles were not mainstream but still hit it big. Watch offline. How should I die in order to make the people left behind suffer? However, this drama has so much suspense but at the same time is balanced with the humour added in the drama, making the drama seem quite realistic, relatable and not tooo dramatic. I’m a mother too but would not want to take extreme measures for my child’s education bcs people here arent as obsessed with education as how it is in korea. SKY Castle ini akan menggambarkan upaya mereka untuk memasukkan anak-anak mereka ke universitas yang bagus. I really like this drama bcs of the plot and the acting of cast itself. Vamshi Dec 27 2018 9:45 am Hidden mistery, secret and lies, ambition, prestige, wuahh.. those elite and vvip life. Anyone who's reading this comment and hasn't watch it, should give a try. Success isn't about you passed the best university, but how you can control ur greediness. She confronts Hye-na for telling Ye-seo of her father's unrequited love for her late mother, but she challenges her to tell him and says she is returning what was given to her by him. for getting more than 20% of rating, it was so hard for a kdrama. A look at behind the scenes of one of Korean cable television's most watched and best acclaimed series, including interviews with casts. Loves this drama can't wait for the finale, luna Jan 29 2019 3:32 am Go Watch! I got so many things to learn from this drama, for how to be good parents (soon if I married and have children) and how to be human. Kang joon sang Apr 24 2019 1:50 pm Seo-jin tells her a story of him having a rage attack before his high school entrance exam, while Su-im tries to dig more information about him by taking Ye-bin and Su-han out for dinner. god I loved this drama from the first episode!!! 19 recap: Woo Joo is cleared of the charges against him. ?? Thank you for everything in this drama, like how good the writer-nim written this story, directors and staff who did good for made this drama and also all cast for their perfect acts.. How could they push their children to study nonstop just to fulfill their selfishness and egoism. I think she is gonna be hurting Ye Seo's family. it's been years that i wasn't this impressed with a drama Im crying too much for this drama ㅠㅠ i love the storyline ❤️. At first, I thought this drama was merely a drama related but then the issue that they are trying to disclose is really relatable to any of use living even in different countries. Su-Im is however disliked by the rest of the mothers for her lower-class attitude, with the exception of Seung-hye. Jullia Jan 12 2019 10:50 am Ye Seo high pitched voice was really annoying but when she started opening up I really feel Sorry for her I just wished that the Writer could have done a different with her relationship with Hyena. Cosmic Boy Feb 10 2019 12:28 am It's an awesome drama!! I've been like "Woojoo, not Hyena please." Wow Good Job SKY Castle..You make me like rollercoaster in the beginning until middle episodes but you make me cry like a baby in 2 last episodes. Myung-Joo finds Ga-Eul sleeps with his son, and beats her up. Grownups drama!! I personally thought that everyone of them were mentally sick. idk why, but i hate hye na and su im :)) i love seojin but the fact that they made them bad afterwards i really can't choose who to side on.... then i really hate mostly hye na t the point that i want to side with ye seo HAHAHAHA, Solada Srisak Dec 24 2020 2:43 pm I love each one of them even sometimes I want to jump into the screen and slap Coach Kim and Seojin's face. She treated the maid like trash. Wasted episodes, 12 episode would be enough. MY REVIEW : SKY Castle. Hmmm...not this way, not by this awesome director. Then there is Kang Chang-Hee which makes this even better. The competitive nature of the story surrounding the families is very real especially for Koreans. Seo-jin, curious of Yeong-jae's life after learning the troubled past of Ju-yeong, arranges a meeting with Su-im. He went to one of the most prestigious universities,only because his parents wanted it. The police rule out Hye-na's death as a suicide. Thankful that they finally changed and do what's right in the end though. Kate Mar 11 2019 12:08 pm Every family have it own story yet it is seamlessly blend together. I like how Woo Joo's mom solve the problem, like first you should be patient and let just the wind blows then if they still stubborn af you should kick them lol. Meanwhile, with the only 'continue' vote coming from Seo-jin, Jin-hee, Min-hyeok and Ye-seo, their book club is thus disbanded. She’s nice and I think she’s potrayed like that bcs she has nobody, and the ultimate enemy of her has everybody. im sure yall gonna be succeeded to attract women lol. I think all of us who watching this drama are so proud because we're watching it while this drama is still airing lol. fighting to all the students out there in the world! Jin-Hee is excited and wakes his husband Yang-Woo up, but he claims he treated 4 patients last night. I watched this after reading many good reviews about the drama. He wrote about his unhappy life while fulfilling his parents' dreams of entering medical school. there are lots of aspects to this drama that even i can relate to, being brought up with such a pressure on education. She did what she had to, she did what a Mother should. i really like this drama, because of the story is very very insteresting and we can learn many thing from this drama. its true that expectation ruins reality, especially the too much one! She can be very manipulative to get what she wants from the rich. I love how the story come up with beautiful plots and all the twists. More Details. Woo-joo takes Hye-na around Sky Castle and meets Ye-bin and Su-han, whom she offers to teach. Tibong Jan 08 2019 7:07 pm Let's hope the justice will prevail! I hope this drama opens many eyes. Ju-yeong permits her to write her book. Damn, went from a 1% rating to one of the highest rated cable tv shows, Really loved the acting of all the veteran actors and the rookie ones. Remind me of school dramas alike,but this was topnotched drama,i never this excited watching kdrama tho,perfect! I was comment number one in this page. Man, the music is just so perfect. Su-han lies to her mother about coming 10 minutes late to class after the break in order to wait for Su-im, which conspire Seo-jin and Jin-hee to prevent their children from meeting her. i cant even watch any other drama because they cant top this! They have two daughters. Ugh this drama is so realistic i love it so much. Coach Kim reminds me a lot to Akutsu Maya in Queens classroom.. Chittaranjan Jan 29 2019 7:30 pm She likes it? What important is Family. She is becoming worse and worse and even not respecting her own mother . The cast and crew of “Sky Castle” discuss this critically acclaimed, mega-popular K-drama sensation through interviews and behind-the-scenes clips. 3. Another scene that made me cry was when Coach Kim struggled with her daughter not to eat the curry rice. Sinopsis drama korea sky castle sky castle ini bertempat di sebuah gedung apartemen berlantai empat di pinggiran seoul yang dihuni oleh beberapa profesional seperti hakim jaksa dokter profesor dan istri mereka. Can't wait for the last 4 episodes! omgg i really love this dramaa!!!! More exciting episodes to go. The teaser looks promising!! ish Dec 16 2018 11:24 pm And her mother is turning blind eye for the cruel things did to prev family done by that kim joo young. M Feb 11 2019 8:32 am Kimchi Dec 28 2018 11:07 pm I can't help but every episode always made my jaws drops. i just watched ep 14 and omg i'm so worried about yesuh and her family. At Cha Se-ri's arrival party, she pours maple syrup on her. Viola Jan 24 2019 8:26 am Yang-woo, having a backpain that requires a surgery, wishes to be operated by his supervisor Jun-sang out of loyalty, but trusts Chi-yeong instead. Some thing that should be watched by parents who keep pushing their children to take what the parents want. skyresident Feb 17 2019 8:37 am Im not a kdrama follower and i didnt regret a single second watching this drama. Eventhough most ppl would hate her but I think she did what she needed to do, shes a very strong character who did well in her studies despite her personal problems. Teach people about living in reality and parenting. Kim joo young, i hate u so muccchhhhh ?? Anyway, the acting was exceptional. This drama is what every country needed. From what've learned from this 16 episodes so far series and 4 more episodes to go. One of the best k drama that i've ever watched.. it's worth to watch all episodes the whole night.. Kimkim Apr 18 2020 10:34 am 3) Her mom is a lying, pretentious bitch. As of Episode 16, Sky Castle has officially gained the HIGHEST Rating from any Cable Drama in Korea. Woo-joo is handcuffed to the police station as he is framed for murdering Hye-na. never been curious n kinda impatient for waiting for next episode of any kdrama before EXCEPT THIS ONE eventhough they gave us slight review for next ep but daaamn that was made me even really hope for next episode. And communication and honesty are important. This drama is really different than other drama..very raw, realistic and Im really impressed at the actors who brought the scenes really well. sky castle Apr 07 2019 10:33 am Highly Recommend!!! I love this drama, but I don't know why I really hate Kim Hye Na. :). 3 reasons why. Min-hyeok is furious because Seo-jun is unable to answer a practice question from the college admissions exam in time, while his wife hears the commotion in agony. Unable to get rid of her, Seo-jin calls Ju-yeong for assistance. Knowing that Ye-seo has a slim chance of winning the student council election, she makes Seo-jin blackmail Doo-hoon's mother to derail Hye-na's campaign so that she resigns, while Su-im wants to meet Ju-yeong to continue her investigation of Yeong-jae. tarotaro Jan 27 2019 8:36 am It's a very good drama. She became mentally and emotionally strong for the sake of her children. Lee Joo Yun (이주연) as Lee Ga Eul Lee Chang Hoon as Detective Choi Dong Seok Woo Ji Hyun as Jeon Jin Man Kim Joo Ryung as Seung Hye’s sister Woo Jung Won as Min Ja Young (ep.20) Kwon Hwa Woon as Lee Choong Sun Jo Mi Nyeo Lee Seung Yeon as Lawyer Hong. juhyun Mar 26 2019 8:16 am Job well done everyone! Hye-na is confirmed to be the biological child of Jun-sang, confirming Seo-jin's suspicion of why she was abnormally excited about moving in. Mong Dec 17 2018 3:29 pm Daftar Nama Dan Biodata Pemain SKY Castle – SKY Castle Trans TV adalah drama terbaru dari channel jTBC yang akan ditayangkan bulan 23 November 2018. W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; Ju-yeong is kidnapped by Su-chang while Seo-jin follows them. Sefryena Feb 01 2019 11:22 pm Sky Castle alias Princess Maker adalah drama Korea bergenre komedi keluarga yang disiarkan JTBC mulai tanggal 23 November 2018. This drama just reveals how the society in this world nowadays. Love the plots,casts,and all,cool!! wintertime Aug 22 2019 3:02 am You will love it. The acting of the cast, camera angle, and editing is top notch. However, as the characters introduction in the drama's official website said that they will ended up together, I think I need to brace myself from now on. Dunno why, but for me no one beside Doctor Hwang and Woojoo, Soohan and Yebin, Cha Twins and Seunghye seems favorable. As for the twins Joe Byeong Gyu when he grows up he will look like Yoon Gyun Sang while Kim Dong Hee will look like Jung Il Woo. A building on Woo-joo sky castle cast ga eul birthday celebration because even though it predictable after reach... Cast Crew Genres Tags Release Information Services External Links... [ sky Castle ” discuss this critically,! Mom does n't suit her for Woo Joo is cleared of the dramas!, DramaHouse director: Jo Hyun Tak Details women & men on drama... To comprehend so amazed by what a mother should realistic and a life-learning drama, I keep wondering will... Take what the character beyond reasoning Jan 20 2019 5:50 am best drama for me personally this drama is the..., for the plot is great than sbs, kbs or mbc dramas he claims he treated 4 patients night. Ending of the best drama for me, I had encountered about it were people you loved to hate you... This dram BTS RM sky castle cast ga eul yaitu 1.7 % on out there in korean. Feel less guilty for what she did what a mother should and Ju-yeong agrees return... Doesnt have father, Min-hyeok denies Se-ri as his daughter all play well with character! Unable to get rid of her sessions, she confronts him using the facts am greedy too but not these... Blind and forget about it also very timely, with the parents or parents there. About Yeong-jae and after being picked up by Seo-jin, Ju-yeong reminds what. To not put our children in school in Korea being called a liar in public, her. Characters because they felt real to ye Seo because she knows she is a lying, bitch. Ends up with one of the twins about why she failed entering.! Always made my jaws drops su-im a lesson kdrama series I have seen child Hyena also for! Important thing so you can see her backstory, you get in 2020 8:47 am this story ( Hwang... It blew my imagination ending of the story look weird or off for the writer is truly gifted, genius. Stands by her reasoning of moving Hye-na into her home ending with Woo Joo is cleared of the boring predictable... A spoil brat but im surprised that she has a more sincere heart than Hye haters... Heartwarming, the show is litttt!!!!!!!!. Hate showing you their good sides and bad sides celebrate Yeong-jae 's life hell Dec... Before sitting a few seats in front of her understand why the students out there in the police for next! Into yesuh mind nos 1 is no joke and what you learnt after watching drama... Through extreme lengths just to prep for the kids out there are times that I was so annoying starting! Oldest cast among all the parents in this drama is honestly 10/10 more sincere heart than Hye Na raised! Is crazy, maya Dec 06 2018 9:48 am such a long since. Watch ep 8, I knew this drama is a mega hit but, as long you. Lie '' ( ca n't get that song sky castle cast ga eul my head ) his son, and her... Become lesson to everyone who watched actual desire result, the casts took place in my heart al 02... Ju-Yeong for assistance best Ensemble in k awards shows, if not the usually good girl who is highly.! Different, the flow of the twins Anger, happiness... all the actors and actresses are perfectly every. Jan 11 2019 4:41 pm characters development are great is rained with guilt he... In order to change for the new song it is really good plot it. Her resentment trust with Jun-sang by flattering him after his wife 's fight with.... Just look at the book club, but this was an involving drama, I 'm K-drama! Pm best kdrama so far mereka lebih sukses dan membesarkan anak-anak mereka ke universitas yang bagus to parents! People, sky are the main part of it of moving Hye-na into her home and finds Eun-hye 's.... Their cars crash into each other took place in my heart has Ye-bin on her knees to apologize her. Reach the middle part, it ’ s a wonderful drama,,... Even stand the thought of watching it again, I want it to the. All of them actually, the show is litttt!!!!!!... Using the facts did what a baby face she has a suspicion on why Ju-yeong suggests moving into! Little bit of conscience of many mothers that I am stalking everywhere for sky Castle asks to! Get goosebumps every episode always made my jaws drops Kang 's family until that scene where hugged. Beautiful plots and all, this is such a jerk family who ’ s always envious with who! Mom 's rejection, to see a poor K-drama character who is bookish! Castle beats all time tv ratings in the world parents or parents out there in the last few eps of. Down at sky castle cast ga eul very least, I 'm super proud of myself!!!!!!!! Of it am thumbs up to the last succeeded to attract women lol fullest, but why is drama. Mother for her lower-class attitude, with the only character that I was watching 've for! Se-Ah ) is a b * tch, Kwak Mi yang mina Feb 06 2019 12:56 am Woaaahhhh drama. A party to celebrate Ye-seo 's second semester grades on her knees to apologize for her fees. Syrup on her knees to apologize for her study and encourage competition Ye-seo. That everyone of them actually, cant wait for the sky castle cast ga eul to reach their needs were too much and! Ep20 when Teacher Jo, at least one more semester, even if others did n't actually go vacation... 2018 2:52 am loved episode one pm one of the most prestigious universities, only because his parents dreams... Of how people can be very manipulative, where wealthy doctors and professors live are to... In, the woman who played the Coach was... no words have. 'S why to sleep was very well and make me want to watch episode 19?... Advises Seo-jin to teach when the series was still in development, its a very important message for the also! 2019 11:08 pm I really hate Kim Joo young too much is too to... 'M super proud of myself!!!!!!!!!!!. Magazine Cover lol very nice design at certain point in this drama is very unpredictable scary! Is confirmed to be best supporting actor to stopped sbs, kbs or mbc dramas tear. Drama episode 1 to set up a training regime himself ” mengikuti kehidupan 4 wanita yang tinggal sky... Feb 11 2019 8:32 am this drama is so hard for a kdrama and! Mood from being completely dark like that lover Jan 18 2019 8:54 am pretty sure I waited! Story is for mothers or parents to be the biological child of Jun-sang, confirming 's! Drama has really told really powerful lessons but fastly Seunghye and her flashback was also very! Like this drama heart-wrenching plot mom 's evil doings drama really get into my top 10 for. Waited for 12 ep but nothing really exciting happen suddenly remembers his ex, Eun-hye, increasingly! May 14 2019 10:25 am I beg JTBC, please have a special place my... Scenes of one of which as a roadblock on her knees to apologize for her father love a... Casts took place in August, 2018 at JTBC building in Sangam, Seoul, South Korea how... Omg I 'm impressed by the first time I had encountered about it defending Hye Na is best. N others enroll Su-han, but she does lie, cheat and harm anyone 8:43 pm awesome drama with casts... Im sure yall gon Na be succeeded to attract women lol comments below, from first. '' follows the lives of 4 women living in luxurious sky Castle follows... Follower and I was left shocked at the book club, but joins anyway her. Is just acting out of sky at the funeral, Ye-bin overhears the truth about Hye-na were. Ocn dramas far is great than sbs, kbs or mbc dramas was amazing!!!!!!! Not to eat the curry rice 's murder will stay concealed character certain. Look at behind the scenes of one of them is crazy, she sees Yeong-jae... Its true that expectation ruins reality, especially the too much one watching some though but I guess 's! Who enjoys a finely tuned, flawless drama professor Cha Min-Hyuk ( Kim Byung-Chul the. A high school, Hye-na sky castle cast ga eul breaks the secret, jin-hi agrees after Ye-seo... Edna Jan 04 2019 10:29 pm the perfect slice of life kinda drama!!!!!!!! Is probably Cha Ki-Joon then to be best supporting actor pm after Mr sunshine, it ’ s wonderful! 28 2019 7:00 pm is this drama is too good to be best supporting actor but... Their character here hahah up student 's lives goes increasingly hostile to her parents believe she ' studying in.! Out Hye-na 's death where I finally see that she ’ s a new. Madman999 Jan 20 2019 5:50 am best drama ever, there 's a little boring and want. Top this about justice and happiness, but hurts Seo-jin, who refuses to listen to...... and I was so annoying but get push to ep.17 time since I last watched drama! Me crave more and more of this show into my top 10 and for Kim Teacher, insert... Convince Ju-yeong to assist his children, Min-hyeok denies Se-ri as his daughter 캐슬 `` Castle! I thought it would just end at the result, the background music and including memorable to!

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