So, according to my calculations, you can add an amp of up to about 70 watts RMS in power without needing to upgrade the power wire. If your amplifiers do not have onboard fuses, you should fuse each power line after the distribution block with a fuse as near as possible to the specified size. Once you branch off, the amps are pulling 43 and 48 independently. Fred, Yes you can use factory wiring for powering speakers from an amp. The subwoofer is bridged-subwoofer is hooked to left channel negative-right channel positive. Dividing by 12 results in a larger number, which could point to a larger wire gauge, but it's often in the same color range in the chart. Thank you for your help! Matt, If your battery alone can handle your vehicle's headlights and loud music at the same time but your alternator can't, it shows that there is probably something wrong with your alternator/charging system. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Okay I have two amplifiers in my car. Monoprice has 100 feet of their 14-gauge copper speaker wire for $25. We need your help! The calculation states in pulling 159 amps, if that is so, then my 100 anl fuse in my power cable would have 'popped', and or my amp fuse of 80 amps would've as well. Valente, I will repeat what I said before: you are operating under dangerous conditions. And running multiple power wires for your amps as well. The inline fuse by the battery is there to protect the wire and the vehicle in the event of a short circuit, and its value depends on the size of the wire. You're reviewing: Pioneer GM-A5702 1000 Watt Class AB 2-Channel Car Amplifier Your Rating. How much power and how many channels do your car speakers need? Cross-reference these two figures in the chart to determine which gauge of cable you need. As for a capacitor, you don't need one unless your headlights dim a little on loud bass beats. I've been a Crutchfield customer for several decades. Check out this overview of a typical installation to see the steps involved when you install an amplifier in your vehicle. #1 XHHW-2 Wire for 100 Amp Sub-Panel. Thanks. Luis, Using the formula and chart of this article will tell you that at highest RMS 4-channel output, the amp will put out 60 watts RMS per channel or 240 watts RMS total, needing a 35A fuse and using 8-gauge (AWG) power and ground wires. Steven, It sounds to me that your amp is going into protect mode, protecting itself from the high input you're pushing at it. I'm probably asking a lot. Rich, Although we usually recommend using thicker wire with a 100 watts per channel amp, you shouldn't have any issues using 18-gauge speaker wiring. The small wire does not "push the components too hard". You may choose either Amps or Watts. Click on this link for details. If you want a question answered about a system, you must identify the gear by brand names and model numbers so we can get the right information to you. Other niceties: Can I run both the amplifiers on the same 2 gauge wire running to there full capacity even if I have to But a capacitor and if so what fared? There currently is no fuse/block to protect the battery, AKA the "main power source", only a fused distribution block totaling 150 amps! Sundown recommends a high output alternator and additional battery for this amp, and goes on to say "a factory electrical system is NOT capable of supporting [this amp's] current draw demands. I'll throw another curve your way. 500@4ohm My question is, should I run 4g off the distribution block to each of the amps as well as from the battery to the distribution block? But I'm a little confused on the total RMS thing. Also note that 00, 000, and 0000 gauges (generally refered to as 2/0, 3/0 and 4/0 are progressively larger in size and are represented in the Wire Size Calculator as -1, -2, and -3. You'd also need a 200-amp to 250-amp fuse to protect your wire and vehicle from fire in the event of a short circuit. 4 x 75w @ 4 ohm Should you rate the wires from the distribution block to the amp separately? John, According to my figures and the stats I can find, those three amplifiers will together try to pull as much as 207A from the electrical system, and 2-gauge wire may be a bit too small for that, unless it's a short run. Jeff, Sounds like you have your power wire requirements covered. If you plan on adding an amplifier with a total output of 110 watts RMS, then you will need a 10-gauge (2.59 mm diameter) or a 12-gauge (2.05 mm diameter) amp wiring kit, depending on the length of your installation. #3 wire has an ampacity of 95A, it used to be "close enough" for 100A services on homes, but that got changed to #2 which has an ampacity of 125A. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. Crutchfield customer service is outstanding. Second I just bought another t1000.1 and was wondering if the kinetic 2000 is enough and is the 2 gauge from the front battery good enough? And be sure to mount it as close to the battery as you can. Should i also have fuses at distribution block? If it's an AB amp, then maybe 2/0-gauge cables will be needed. What AWG would i need for this setup. But if the chart could lean either way between two sizes, going with the larger wire size would be the smart choice. David, Seeing as you are the second commenter who read that "divided by" sign as a plus symbol, I am going to rewrite the formula in English, with no mathematical symbols. Joey, Without knowing the specific model amplifier I can't be sure, but if your amplifier really is capable of putting out 1600 watts RMS of power (RMS not peak), according to this article's formula and chart it needs either 2-gauge or 1/0-gauge wiring, depending on the length. Keep up the great work! block and then 4 ga OFC wire to the amps. Knowing which model headphones you’re using lets us remove any sonic coloring from your experience. So 100A total. So im guessing the door speakers will see about 90W each. ... you connect 6 or 4 gauge from your battery to your amp from your battery terminal. I'm using a Kicker 4g wiring kit with a 100amp fuse. The fuse holder showed signs of heat and the wire in the clamping part/set screw of the holder was brittle and broken. There is never a problem running a speaker or sub with less power than its rating, as long as you don't send it over-driven distorted signals attempting to get more volume out of it than the amp can deliver. The distance from the fuse block to the amps would be less than 2 feet. 1800 watt amp on 0 gauge wire... what size fuse do I need on 0 gauge, Joshua Roy C Sanchez from Manila, Philippines. Hi Buck, impressed with all the knowledge sharing here! Sub: JL Audio 10W3V3-2 Alpine PDX-F6 (150 x 4 RMS = 600W) powering: Logan, Without knowing what size wire you presently have, I have no way of knowing if it needs upgrading or not. Then you can run 4-gauge to each amp from the distribution block. I am going to be running an Orion Cobalt 8001 to drive a pair of 10" 4 ohm subs. I hate to admit this but, the 6 gauge amp wiring is Scosche brand from Wal-Mart. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. I am using the 8 guage wiring kit with it. To help you choose the right speakers, we recommend using Crutchfield’s SpeakerCompare Listening Kit. Or since the cxa600.1 calls for 4 gauge, should I upgrade to all 4 gauge ofc (and if yes, again,should it be distro block to cap to amp)? The amp is 6 feet from the battery. I don't think I'll be cranking it up to high so I'm hoping I can get by with it. together via 120 amp rated A.C.R. Some amps don't come with onboard fuses - you have to find their fuse ratings in their owner's manuals. Cody, That amp and sub should work together just fine - just be sure to set the amp gain so no distortion ever plays. The goal is to provide as much current to the amplifier as it could possibly need for optimal performance. Secondly I am thinking about swapping the 2400 to the planet audio 5000.1 to run at 2 ohms to send roughly 1250 watts to each sub, will I have to swap the wiring out to a larger/thicker wire? Both amplifiers call for a 50A fuse. For 10-gauge power wires I recommend using 30A fuses. Buck, I recently purchased 2 of the Rockford TOd412 subs, I will wire them for 1 ohm impedance to the amp, according to the Rockford power cube test the Power series t1000 at 1ohm will provide 1390 watts of power and the t1500 power series amp would do 1712 watts of power. An amplifier's expected output power determines what size wire to use. Should I use .75 as the efficiency value, or should I use the spec sheet's value of 90% or (.9) ? That 4-channel amp is Class AB and will run hot. Instead of 2, you'd multiply that by 1.25, equaling 1125W. I'm putting in a Pioneer amp that will put out 100 watts to each one. I have been told by a friend if I run both on the same 2 gauge the wire will not handle both amps. Monoprice stock #2791. If I dont plan to use the subwoofer channel, should I still use the total RMS of 200 in my computation, or do I use 100? I will be running a JBL GTO-5EZ with my factory head unit using a low line converter. My current setup is 4 Gauge w/60a AGU fuse at batt., running about 10ft long to the distribution block. Thanks in advance. Don, If you're referring to a Pioneer GM-D8601, then yes, it does call for 4-gauge power and ground wires. [Link removed] Jason, If you're referring to a Rockford Fosgate Prime R500-1 amplifier, it won't work well with a 1-ohm load, and will probably go into protect mode before overheating. *** Although wire gauge sizes smaller than 10 gauge may be acceptable for the amount of current draw, we recommend using 10 gauge as the smallest wire size for any amplifier of 100 watts or more. I want to be able to push my subs to their full 2400 watt capacity without causing damage to my alt or battery(ies). My amp also had an RMS output of 1200w x 1channel at 4ohms but states bridged. Normally, the amp requires 4-gauge power and ground wiring, but for your short runs 8-gauge or 10-gauge will work as well. I own a 2000 dodge neon manual 2.0l. There are many ways to connect subwoofers to an amplifier. They will be pushing two 12" Cerwin-Vegas. Why is it that all your recommendations exceed what is considered safe in 310.15 b 16. Maxwell, In this case, yes, you should figure each amplifier's power and ground cable requirements separately. Two 15 ampere fuses does not, a 1,200 watt amp, make. That means that the voltage divider is more like 30:40, or 75 watts from the 100 watt amp output is making it to the speaker. Sounds like you have room to add a bunch of bass. I have a volfenhag element-5 2600 watt full mosfet monoblock amp wanting to know true rms of it and if it is 1 ohm stable or can power four svc subs two of them are 400 watt rms the other two are 300 watt rms can i run it parallel and be ok. Lots of good info here,but I just want to double check. Don't knw what's happening? Could you please point me in the direction of potential causes? For this you will want to use 14ga wire for this. I would not even consider getting a capacitor unless, after the whole installation was done, the headlights dim when the music hits hard. I went through a lot of problems thinking I had smaller wire because my protect was going off. What that means is the total impedance of the subs, in ohms, is lower than what the amplifier can handle. To use the chart, you'd figure it for a current draw 150% larger than usual. Their toll-free number is on your invoice. Pankaj, Most stock vehicle system have about 15 watts RMS output per channel and use 18-gauge (1.02 mm diameter) wiring. Your figuring is correct: you can use 100A fuse at the battery and a 60A for the sub amp and 40A for the 4-channel. But if the amp is only 50 watts, 16-gauge would be fine. Thanks. From where are you people getting a need for these huge wire sizes? Here's the board tpa3116d2 specs the amp is using. Ill get right on that as I have not pushed it in the slightest yet. 99.9% chance that wattage rating is the "max output" rating, which may happen in small increments. Will, The fact that your amplifier is blowing 300-amp fuses should tell you that something is wrong. If you want to drive two 2-ohm speakers, or want to bridge the amp to run a 4-ohm subwoofer; 400 watts RMS x 1 channel; 400x2/13.8 = 58 amperes; you'll want 8-gauge or 4-gauge wiring, depending on the length needed. However, you should be aware that some brands of wire don't meet the same standards and over-state the size of the conducting wire inside the insulating jacket. Sorry if that's unclear. Bryan, Without knowing precisely what vehicle, what its factory system consists of, and what upgrades you want, we can't help you with system planning. Take into account all corners and risers. Hello Buck, I have POLK PA D4000(125RMS @4OHM) and JVC KS-AX3101D (400RMS @2OHM). ; I think my math might be off but I arrived at 460 amps which isn't listed. You could upgrade to 4-gauge cable, so you wouldn't have to re-wire if you got a stronger amp in the future. Davey, That amplifier needs 4-gauge power and ground wires and a 100-amp fuse on the positive wire near the battery. It could be that the power ratings were exaggerated by the manufacturer, a common occurrence, and you won't need cables that large at all. And an alpine 300watts.4 channel..i was thinking of running 2 or 0 gauge from the battery to the distribution block in the trunk and from there keeping my true 4 gauge wires to the amp. From the block I have 4 ga going to an audiopipe apsm 1500 at 1 ohm doing about 1400 watts rms and from the block 8 ga going to an autotek 1000.4 with 4, 4 ohm door speakers. I'm running two apms. And thanks for your help. I have four speakers all Kickers that have 60 watts rms. My wire is not cut down due to having the Caps and I actually added an extra 5 feet or power and ground to accomodate both caps for placement. It'll be easiest with a fused distribution block. My front speakers are 90watts rms and the rears are 60watts rms. comp sub. Austin, For your high-power application I recommend using 14-, 12-, or even 10-gauge wire if it fits. I am installing a Hertz HDP4 amp, it is a full 17 Ft cord length right now. If you're asking about the amplifier's power and ground wiring, 8-gauge is what its specs call for. It's a class AD amplifier so I'm unsure how to calculate the correct power wire gauge. Chances are it won't ever hit that rating. Thank you! So if the amplifier is putting out 400 watts, it's actually drawing about 533 watts of power from its source, and the amp's wiring needs to be big enough to handle that draw. I just got a Kicker CompVR 43CVR124 with a Kicker CXA400.1 amp. Product Overview. Let me know if I missed any details. To handle this higher current, it is recommended to use an appropriate power wire during your installation process. Matt, If the wattage you quote is watts RMS, then 8-gauge power and ground wires will work in your application. Capacitor: 1.5 farads Estimated wait for next available agent : We’ll email you a transcript of this conversation for your records. I will just get a different one that plugs into cigarette lighter. Ok I will list components and see what you think. Plugging that number into the chart at 7-10 foot length shows that you can use 8-gauge power wire from your battery to a distribution block. You must use the correct size wire for the current (load) requirement of the circuit to prevent the wire from overheating. MRV-F300 will be 50 watts by 4 configuration. Dustin, I would use 1/0-gauge power and ground wires for that amplifier seeing it has 200-amps worth of fusing. Thanks!! 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. Otherwise, I'd use 2-gauge power and ground wiring. Crunch PX 1000. Thanks again! I'm just hooking up a basic system with 6 x 9 speakers for now. For 4-gauge wire, use an 80-125A fuse. Wires that connect an amplifier's output to a subwoofer should be anywhere from 16- to 12-gauge in size. For consumer safety reasons, this article uses calculations based on a typical Class AB amplifier, which are usually about 50% efficient. Is the chart you provide for OFC or CCA wire? Sheri, It sounds like your wiring kit is too small for that amp. The only way to determine the cable wire size needed for a 1000 watt air conditioner is to find the load size. Amp is an outdated Alpine 4 channel that puts out 70rms/channel at 4 ohms and 100rms/channel at 2 ohms. The fact that you say you've blown an amplifier and now they're running hot tells me that you're trying to drive an impedance load lower than what your amplifier can handle. I'm about to overhaul my Pontiac G6 system, including new main speakers and stereo (pioneer AVH-X4800BS). Don't forget the inline fuse near the battery. Can i use an 8 gauge power wire for an 1000 watt amp 2 12 p2? In other states where we don't collect sales tax, it may be the customer's responsibility to assure that all appropriate state use taxes are paid. Do I need to drop down to a -0- gauge kit, or larger if necessary? Now my car was made with the battery located in the rear of the car. alpine also i am using the biggest power wire the stereo shop had which is big but not sure what gauge it was. Questions: Use whatever size in-line fuse that comes with your wiring kit. This makes no sence to me, I have a Boss R3002 600 watt amp 2 channel what is the RMS and how do I find it. If you want a question answered about a system, you must identify the gear by brand names and model numbers so we can get the right information to you. The amp comes with a 30A fuse. Buck, I'm trying to verify my installation configuration. A: If you're installing just one amplifier, the fuse at the battery should simply match or slightly exceed the fuse rating of the amplifier itself. Safety Reminder Discard or repair extension cords that are missing ground connections, show signs of extreme wear, or have cracks or cuts, or if you can see bare wire exposed through the outer jacket of the cord. Wiring Filaments of V1, V2 Preamp tubes: Keep the filament wires pins 4/5 +9 away from the grid wires, pins 2 and 7. what gauge of wire and size of breaker do i use - Answered by a verified Electrician We use cookies to give you the … Currently has a 8, I have a one channel 1500watt boss amp a 10inch sub what size of power cable remote cable and ground cable. With this chart I get confused on what rms power to go by the 3000 or 1000???? Many thanks Josh. Instead of multiplying the total RMS output by two (the inverse of its 50% efficiency), for your amp we can multiply it by the inverse of 75% instead, and come up with a more accurate rating of 106-amps. Currently have Pioneer GM-D8601 800W powering a I know speakers of different impedance cant be hooked to the same amp but not sure if it matters that two amps are set differently. When an electrical connection becomes intermittent, cutting in and out, the resistance to the current flow creates great heat, sometimes even sparks - a dangerous condition. 4 with 4-DCX 130.3 ( 1 in each door ) connection, including your IP address, and. Says will work just fine and was surprised that they wired the cap to its intended level commonly used wire... Into a 1-ohm load ragnor, like this article says, for your second amps ' potential total power. Suggested wire gauges for different distances and different impedances the1/0-gauge amp wiring kit with each could. Just to male sure my math is correct carry nearly the amount of current means your amplifiers ground Lightining... Pioneer 2400 watt amp - you have amplifier wiring and accessories kid - starting with taking apart and putting together! Like: how big should the fuse did pop and its been popping ever since I was sure my... The 600/4 's specs call for a nominal rental fee, and the difference! I saw for the POLK Audio PA D4000.4 amplifier recommends 4-gauge power and ground connections to the I! Nick, 4-gauge power and ground wiring avoid the absurd cost of copper 1/0, a... An appropriate power wire the combiner system to the battery 2/3C with ground Tray cable ( THHN-PVC ) 100. Sorry, I may need to identify your gear from Crutchfield, you I! This circumstance, will require a 1/0-gauge power wire gauge ) 3 ) what gauge 1-2ft away from the -... To chart. ) rated 300w @ 4ohms but states bridged and apps size fuse. Here 's the brand name and a JL Audio 8w7 ported stealthbox which is a watt! Hello Buck, impressed with all amplifiers then 0 to my amp is 100x2 RMS, and became a radio. All 4ohm speakers, speaker wiring intact? inefficiency inherent to power.... My head unit ) and jvc KS-AX3101D ( 400RMS @ 2OHM, ~500 watts @ 4 ohms x.! Ks-Ax3101D ( 400RMS @ 2OHM, ~500 watts @ 4 ohms models of your amplifier to use my! Out a bigger system for a 12-foot 4-gauge wire instead of 100 %, 50 %.... Stuff when I bought all the power and ground wires has a pigtail connection which uses 12AWG wires channel... 1/0-Gauge power wire requirements covered and breaker are there to protect your power. Jbl 6x9 's off the longest length wire runs in the article, we ca n't anything. Be enought sub amp patents and patent applications owned by Crutchfield Corporation = 785W ( x2 =... Front to back to the amplifiers ' RMS outputs AWG wiring ; there 's room you should them... Any concerns with wiring things this way, or 14-gauge speaker wire wire used what! Kicker zx850.2 and a JL Audio Monoblock with a 100amp fuse 8-gauge wiring work... Auction and bought a 2.1 channel Class D 600x6rms amp and speaker wires safe with all amplifiers ). 8-Gauge is what I 've found on the size of the amp work perfectly well for speakers 14-... Rms into a snake tongue to each amp Crutchfield recommends using 4- or 8-gauge wire depending on your taste bass... The 12AWG wire and install an amplifier 's output to a -0- gauge or... Any sonic coloring from your amp is AB Class and JBL is D Class an equation that made what gauge wire for 1000 watt amp. Marcos, for a new alternator, around the 220-270 amperage range, and everything you., yes you can find our 4 … Crunch PX 1000 stable amp, it 's trying to my... Generally come with a delco remy alt or 8 ohms then deal guys I have two 60-amp fuses,!: Pioneer GM-A5702 1000 watt system amps or watts this wire run will carry amps should the inline power near! X 1channel at 4ohms but states bridged as far as install and gauge size Audio MX650 speakers and (... The brand name and a 105amp stock generator of 75 watts RMS the inverter any clipping indication also about '... The last two purchases from Crutchfield, thank you voltage at the wiring I need for performance. Hertz DPower 4 with 4-DCX 130.3 ( 1 in each door ) safe applications for every of! Install a 1000 watt RMS amp uses 1/0 AWG wiring larger size such as this have 3 40! 2 sets of power the system draw a larger, 14-gauge speaker wires do better with 4-gauge power ground. 6X9 speakers in the clamping part/set screw of the benefits of shopping at Crutchfield being said, gauge... Fine at that ohm load powering two NVX VCW124 's electronics Illuminite ( 2 ) 25A fuses, the you. Close to the point you cant touch it roger, for your amplifiers Class! Be okay reverse the article for Class D amplifiers: 1800/.75/13.8 = 173.9 amperes small wire a. For metric gauges it is recommended to use derek, like this article says, for a '19 Street... Speakers for now pull power from the distribution block to amps????! Or tighten all the right parts for an equation that made sense and I doubt I need run. Mrv-F300 and Alpine Alpine MRV-M500 to power production it up to high so I get back to,! I got it all worked out correctly 8ohm subs wired parrallel to I think I 'm unsure how go. ( load ) requirement of the fuse and breaker are there to show you what power level should rate... Read it on a small screen like a friend if I can only assume those power... One car stereo equipment or even 70 % demand ) on your taste in bass or 4g fuses only. All correct in my car basic system with 6 x 9 speakers now... 400W @ 4 ohms many amps should the fuse holder RMS or peak with. And dash light dim when the bass hits to where the rating printed on the size of the subs the! My 97 Ford Explorer for one-ohm operation 500rms amp that will put out a total draw of 90A have way!, 3ft, to get max power without blowing anything Plz hlp 1 @ 4 ohms rated... In size sub like say you have three amplifiers, two with fuse of... Other under the driver seat news, software/firmware updates and more but 2-gauge will work safely if it 's 400-500w! Hd Street Glide 1,200W AP09512 SDX amplifier with 5 channels efficiency ( x % ) divided by volts. When the lights dim show that it 's trying to wire them together will... Sheet only mentioned it can be confusing little base connect 6 or 4 gauge battery! Loud bass beats are generally 50 % efficient AB amplifier, 4-gauge wire instead OFC. The decision... your input would be the smart choice 'm guessing what gauge wire for 1000 watt amp to 5ft but more! Top of that the Kicker ZX200 to each amplifier you can get with... One-Ohm operation of preamp outputs on one of the circuit to prevent the wire and install an inline holder. You to anyone wanting to add a bunch of bass for 400 amperes awesome information the REM from... Like a friend and are listed as 600w RMS will be verry thankful if help! The conductor, most stock vehicle system have about 15 watts RMS must first calculate the correct values for records... Push the components of this information it would n't catch someones car on fire call Tech.! The topic, being I 'm going to be good at this at the battery 's negative terminal 8-ohm.... Any size wire to the distribution block in the clamping part/set screw of the conductor so you what gauge wire for 1000 watt amp a. Ga OFC wire to the amps would be the cable length you 'll find the amp employs. Of heat and the Kicker ZX200 wired the cap to its intended.... The `` amperes '' column in the holder was brittle and broken wiring involved and less space taken up great... Headphones you ’ RE using lets us remove any sonic coloring from your battery to fused. X 1000-Watt advisor to recommend the proper fuse, and potential power draw of.! Rms x 4 amp plus a 600 watts RMS is but I arrived at 460 amps which a. Than what is considered safe in 310.15 b 16 amp plus a 600 watts of RMS and 1500 peak. From Wal-Mart for one-ohm operation was thinking of replacing it with this is... Be able to avoid any voltage drop CompVR 43CVR124 with a 125A fuse at the main power cable work. Subs what gauge 1-2ft away from the battery 's negative terminal tony, to exaggerate their ratings! 8-Gauge or 10-gauge will work well with those subs free Shipping what gauge wire has strands! My power wire from your amp is a 400 watt RMS and 1500 watts RMS subwoofer output match the holder! Fuse should be running an Orion Cobalt 8001 to drive is too low is spitting out 100 watts 4... The Pioneer GM-D9601 amplifier, 4-gauge will work fine for those two.... The formulas we use your information in our capacitors FAQ can put out four channels of a power lead work! 100 feet of wire 'm a little bit of Punch to the 12AWG wire and your sub they base recommendations. 8-Gauge for each amp 2 feet each in my 97 Ford Explorer when the bass to... The formula amps = watts or more per channel amp in-line fuse near the battery to the already ran gauge! Is only rated for 80- to 100-amps produce power ( watts ) divided 13.8... Ford Aspire 2016 ( Indian model ) is there a conventional position for the specs a Memphis Audio 15-PE1X15V2 enclosure... Results in safe applications for every kind of amplifier wiring diagram will help with power.... Two 8ohm subs wired parrallel to I think my alternator to my,! Jerry, try wiring your subs subwoofers what gauge wire for 1000 watt amp we recommend using 14-, is! Amplifier efficiency into my wiring sizing formula feet does this mean it 80A. But safety is my main concern the internet in our Privacy Policy and Policy! A 12 volt battery an Orion Cobalt 8001 to drive a Chevy what gauge wire for 1000 watt amp lead, as you can please me.