Contact Information for LIVE Sales Stephen Jenschke Home Phone: 830-644-2415 Cell Phone: 830-889-2837 E-mail: Hunter’s can choose from several forms of hunting including, spot and stalk, bow hunting, rifle hunting, pistol hunting, or hunting from a blind.

We breed for trophy Black Hawaiian rams with superior horn quality and size. // end hiding ---> Copyright © 2015 | Mayfield Ranch | All Rights Reserved. The Black Hawaiian Sheep, also known as the Black Corsican, is a cross between a European Mouflon and a domestic Barbados Sheep. American Blackbelly Sheep are thrifty, energetic, small-to-medium sized shearless hair sheep with a strong flocking instinct, and easy keepers. The Black Hawaiian is primarily a browser, feeding on weeds and occasionally tender grass shoots. Excited to welcome 9 new sheep to our “satellite” flock in UK we co-own with Valais Blacknose Sheep Westmorland. Group of Mature Aoudad Rams. For Sale: More Than 100 Rams For Each Breed Breeding Ewes For Both Pricing is dependent on age and horn size Please Call Dr. Elmer Herndon, DVM Deer, Sheep, Goats, Cows & Exotics Cell (830) 591-3726 Uvalde, Texas • We have Tricolor Cowhide, Brown & White Cowhide, Black & White Cowhide and Brindle Cowhide. The Ram is upright with his head turned to the left. Premium Cowhide Rugs for sale at affordable prices. Free classifieds, buy and sell used stuff in Hawaii, HI Sign Up; Log In COVID-19 policies and precautions Beautiful thick, black hair with a nice long neck fringe. They have horns that grow in a spiral or circular pattern and point out and typically weight about 125-150 pounds. We raise some of the largest Black Hawaiian and Corsican sheep Rams in the world. Iranian Red Sheep. Black Hawaiian Sheep Hunting Trophy Fee: $3,000 (up to 38 inches) $4,000 (over 38 inches) They can weigh up to 150 pounds. Some say it is a cross of Mouflon and black hair sheep from the Hawaiian islands. Available for hunting year-round and originating in Texas, they are solid black with coarse hair and a wooly undercoat. Relaxed expression. Sheep. Black Hawaiian sheep must consist of 1/8th or less of parent wool breeds and meet all other breed standards. You may hunt our trophy Black Hawaiian sheep using any method you prefer, including Spot and Stalk, Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Pistol Hunting, Safari Style, or from a Blind. Lambs for sale males and females lambs approximately 6 months old **Red & White sheep pictured not included Call for more information Location: May, TX Reply to Seller . Our superior blood lines are second to none. They have a thick black coat and are usually black all over, although some sport a white muzzle. We are a small, family-owned hair sheep producer located in the Texas Hill Country near New Braunfels. The Black Hawaiian Sheep has horns, not antlers, which do not shed and continue to grow. Breeders of Black Hawaiian sheep,Black Hawaiian,exotic sheep,horned sheep,corsican sheep,large horn genetics on rams,big horn rams, painted desert sheep,registered painted desert sheep,sheep,blackbelly sheep,big horned blackbelly sheep,texas dall sheep,red texas dall rams,red texas dall ewes,sandoah acher flock,floral,plants,dried floral,twigs,willow twigs,dried … Others say they are Barbados with a dilution of the red colour gene making them black. 0 hidden ... Sheep for sale $200 hide this posting restore restore this posting. Black Hawaiian & Texas Dall Pricing - Please call or email us. The Hawaiian Black Sheep is black from head to hoof, with a splash of white on the muzzle. They have a thick black coat and are usually black all over, although some sport a … today=new Date(); We sell proven registered breeding Rams. Males usually have a 3-8 inch mane on the lower neck, along with horns. Sheep for Sale Contact Us Welcome to The Lab Ranch! Named for their beautiful home in the mountains of the Hawaiian Islands, Hawaiian Black Sheep possess a beautiful black coloring that makes them a very popular trophy animal. They can weigh up to 150 pounds.