Thanks to the ability to endlessly stream its 236 episodes on Netflix (but in 2020, on HBO Max), and, perhaps, its female cast members' mastery of the Tiny Shirt, Big Pants lewk, sitcom lovers are re-living, or discovering for the first time, the physical comedy, sweetness, and (often problematic) humor of Friends. Cleverly, it plays out in real time: Ross has 20 minutes to persuade everyone to get ready for a black-tie work dinner. This episode contains one of the great TV confessions of all time — an aquatic battle story for the ages — and we're not talking about Ross' "WE WERE ON A BREAK" argument. Better Business Bureau Accredited Business. There’s a side-plot where Joey and Chandler become obsessed with a Dutch girl, but that feels a lot like lazy (and pretty inaccurate) stereotyping when watched in 2018. Best friends think alike. Friends saw the characters all turn 30. Two decades on, it’s impossible to convey the fervour with which fans awaited this episode, and Ross’ decision over whether to stick with his current, newly bald flame or go back to Ms Green. Friends: The 25 best episodes EVER, ranked. Having run for 14 years, Supernatural has gone through a fair few major upheavals and shifts that have sent the show in… Meanwhile, Ross is dating two women at once - a dull girl in the city, and the titular one he meets on the train to Poughkeepsie. It is nigh on impossible to choose your favourite Friends episodes. This ep lays some serious groundwork for Ross-Rachel drama, while giving us an amazing high school flashback (and some "hasn't aged well" fat jokes). The other one will be along in a minute. This episode is filled with great lines, especially as the friends fall to the temptation of the amazingly tasty cheesecake. Chandler: That was in the fourth grade. Picking a list of the best Friends episodes from the 236 shows is a tough task. And it goes without saying that people form pretty strong attachments to these TV worlds. Best line: Chandler: Oh it’s the phone, the phone’s making sounds! Best line: Joey: (sees Rachel and Chandler eating off the floor, and pulls out a fork from his pocket) All right, what are we havin'? The Friends Thanksgiving episodes are considered classics and the season nine holiday festivities makes the list as one of the best episodes of season nine. – guilt by way of Ross’ ‘Sound’. Rewatch] - Best Friends - Episode 32-B Discussion For anyone just joining the rewatch: We are watching two episodes a week; one episode every Saturday and one episode every Sunday. We’re supporting Friends of the Earth to help solve the climate crisis, please give generously here or find out more about our campaign here. Best line: Ross: I went to that tanning place your wife suggested. The One With the Jellyfish (S4E1) This episode contains one of the great TV confessions of all time … But the drama, physical comedy, and ridiculous dynamics deserve a rewatch — if only to help you remember how it all began. Sometimes that’s just what you need. Egged on by Rachel and Joey (Phoebe) and Monica (Chandler) – “they don't know that we know they know we know!” – the pair’s game of chicken escalates from mild flirting to the series’ most awkward ever kiss, delivering huge laughs every step of the way. It’s Friends at its ‘oh god did he just say that?? We also finally get some more info on Phoebe as an actual character and ostensible human being, beyond her role as Bohemian set dressing. Image: Warner Bros. Television/Getty Images. Best line: Monica: Are we playing football or what? Naturally Phoebe is the only one who understands his discordant blend of dog barks, explosions, and keyboard taps, though it’s Rachel that summarises it best: “I can’t believe I ever let him touch me with those fingers.”. All: You're no God's gift to women / That's all in your head / You are just a butt munch! They won this battle, but they had a … Monica: (hugging Chandler) I don’t think you’ll ever get my parents that drunk! The romances of Friends kept us hooked in between the lolz, and one of the best moments in that saga came in the two-part finale of Season 6. The Big Bang Theory has delivered a massive 279 episodes since it premiered back in 2007 (for those keeping score, Friends … Best line: Phoebe: Let’s try some aversion therapy, okay? The guys are inspired to play some football after watching the NFL over the holiday, and it quickly ends up being a contest between the siblings, who will employ any kind of dirty trick to win. Phoebe briefly dates Chris Isaak, and the Simpsons’ Dan Castellaneta plays a janitor who reveals the true location of Marcel to Ross. Of course, Ross isn’t fine. ‘Cause you can still catch her! Everyone knows the gang: Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica and Phoebe, regardless of whether they watched the original episodes air back in 1993, or just caught them recently on Netflix. The illicit obsession ends with them eating the ruins of a cheesecake from the floor in a scene that feels maximum Friends. We begin at the very end. What follows is a hilarious family breakdown, highlighting the extreme insecurity and competitiveness at the heart of the Geller clan. Friends’ final episode finally reunites Ross and Rachel for good after a chase across New York taking in two declarations of love for Rach (poor Gunther! ... 15 best Friends episodes to rewatch for the 25th anniversary. Come for the inside jokes about Chandler's job, stay for a Phoebe surprise. Probably the best sitcom episode I've ever seen.) Maybe if I wasn’t going commando…. ​, Like us on Facebook to see similar stories. When I first thought about compiling this list, the image of Monica wearing a whole, giant, raw turkey on her head immediately popped into mine. The Friends trivia episode gives us space cowboy Maurice, Chanandler Bong, a master Ross as MC, and endless questions about how these 20-somethings afford those West Village apartments, anyway. ‘Cause I, uh, need to trade. Rachel: AHHHHH! Best line: Joey: I was gonna do it! Vegas? That's fitting considering Sept. 22, 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of Friends' 1994 premiere. Here are the best episodes to rewatch anytime: ‘Run BTS!’ episode 2 – ‘Best Guy Competition’ It was only their second episode, but the members were already hilarious in this one. Could I be wearing any more clothes? It’s been a long time since I had… (tries to do the math in his head, but can’t) 327 + 238 dollars!’. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. It’s a brilliant couple of episodes, where every character gets their hilarious time in the spotlight. Something he gets to show off during this episode’s ‘leather pants’ incident. “You had rambled on for 18 pages – front and back!” Ross's continued asserting that "We were on a break!" Best line: Chandler: This must be so hard. Doctor: Well, you don’t have that much time to relax. and – best of the lot – Hugh Laurie as Rachel’s straight-talking plane neighbour. Hello? The boys encourage Ross to make a list of Rachel’s pros and cons to help him decide whether or not to dump Julie and give it a go with his childhood crush. The best bit isn’t a joke, however, but Chandler’s silent, single-finger goodbye wave through a hole when he thinks his relationship with Cathy is over – immediately earning Joey’s forgiveness. Best line: Ross: What is Chandler Bing’s job? Rachel: Well, I like you less. The two-parter to end season 5 centres on Monica and Chandler calling a shotgun wedding based on her new-found success at the craps table – only to be beaten to the punch by the heavily inebriated pair of Ross and Rachel. Meanwhile - in another excellent, cringe-inducing plot - Chandler and Monica visit the house of a couple who adopted their son, to get an idea of what’s involved in the process. Crucially, though, Rachel gets to see what happened after her and Monica left for the prom: a crushed Ross, appearing in prom gear, ready to take Rachel when it looked like her date wasn’t going to arrive. His follow-up line about Santa is priceless. Here is our list for the 15 best Friends episodes of all time that you must see on the show's 25th anniversary on Sept. 22. As the show comes to an end, we remember its highlights By Samantha Highfill and Chancellor Agard. This episode is so-called because Chandler and Rachel end up eating a cheesecake delivered to their door by mistake… and it’s the best they’ve ever had. ... Not only disrupting the Friends setup, ... Its rewatch value is through the roof and Ellie Kemper ensures Kimmy is a heroine to root for. The show gets a lot of mileage out of the Chandler/Monica romance, but this episode taps into the universal fear/comedy of ‘telling the parents’ and that’s it's true genius. Is that my new nickname? When she tries to fire Joey to demonstrate her authority, the out of work actor refuses to go because he makes too much money in tips (and he gets to call himself Dragon). A Friends classic, from early in the very first season. They're still genuinely funny, and good to binge three or four at a time. 1. Joey wearing his closet, Monica's "NOOOOO" yell of dismay, Rachel's green dress... this episode has it all. Look no further than the online uproar that took place when the world found out that Friends is most likely leaving Netflix. Antics on antics, the whole ensemble is in top form as Ross' anxiety about being late to a function makes everything worse. Chandler: Laundry. Really! The 25 best Friends episodes you will rewatch again and again. remains one of the series’ most repeated lines, while this is the first tease of Chandler and Monica’s affection for one another spilling over into something more – via the unconventional medium of him urinating on her jellyfish sting. (PS: This is like 90% a dramatic reenactment of my feelings. Against the other characters, his boring, divorced father is the straight man to everyone else’s comedy flailing. Let's give our friend Joey a chance to explain why he's such a big pervert! Best Friends episodes, ranked – Page 2 Despite seemingly everyone in North America having watched every episode of Friends at least twice, HBO ended up … Or at least whisper it to people when they come in the door. Season 6 is rockier than its predecessors, but still throws up the occasional gem – such as this. Mashable has combed through the archive to find some of the most iconic and re-watchable episodes of the series. Cue a gentle slide into madness involving talc, moisturizer, and an eventual shamefully bare-legged exit. She’s my friend and she needed help. The best films and TV series to rewatch this winter, according to experts ... People have been relying on friends or the internet to have that guidance of what to see. ‘Owen doesn't know he's adopted, and he also thinks that Santa is real.’. Which is a shame because Schwimmer has some of the best timing and delivery in the whole cast. It’s smartly done, and the show doesn’t shy away from commenting on how unacceptable the objectification of potential partners is. This episode is also flashback-heavy and dramatic af, telling us more about every Friend while moving their relationships forward. The 25 best Christmas TV episodes to rewatch over the holidays ... her friends rally around and make her the best gift ever and give themselves as her new workers. Oh, no. Rachel: Ow! Yet he still can’t let go after being reunited with its owner, and scenes dressing as a Porsche nerd and replacing the car with a giant pile of boxes raise big laughs. Best line: Monica (on the phone speaker, as Rachel listens in secret): I can't wait to see you. is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. The real comedy, however, comes when Joey gets a part in a broadway musical after lying about his dancing skills on his resume, and Monica hires the same Barbershop quartet to dump a guy at work who has been cheating on her... Best line: Quartet guy 1: Mister Pretentious... You think there's no one finer / Well your poems are unpublished / And you work in a diner... He’s not fine about the relationship between Joey and Rachel, which reaches its peak when he invites them round to a dinner party with him and Charlie, and ends up getting roaring drunk. There’s a bit of heart here too, as Rachel and Joey wrestle with their burgeoning physical relationship, but it’s mostly about laughing at Ross because of his silly tan. Rewatch the whole series of Daleks! This ep sees flirting turn to hairdressing and hairdressing turn to kissing, but there’s light relief from their – and your! Friends - it's easily among the best shows on Netflix, and remains one of the funniest, most watchable shows on TV. ©2020 Although the real star of the episode is the High School prom video of the tile. Everybody just calm down. Okay? The perfect romantic gesture, until the gap between songs is punctuated by the voice of… Janice. Two women love me. Oh, wait, I forgot to dial. I was Susie Underpants 'till I was 18. Chandler’s (obviously mutual) crush on Cathy really challenges the viewer: you’re rooting for them to get together despite the fact that, effectively, they’re both cheating on Joey. What follows is classic overcompensation, as he showers her in gifts, including a Barbershop quartet. As Popsugar writer Chanel Vargas points out, the appeal of repeatedly turning to the same shows lies in the familiarity of characters, settings and plots. If you have only seven hours to spend watching Friends (which is available to stream on Netflix starting Jan. 1) on New Year's Day, these are the flat out funniest episodes … It lends the ep intensity to balance out the laughs – and there are many, particularly Joey and Chandler’s schoolboy squabble over a chair – with a fan-pleasing pay-off as Ross proves his love to Rachel by attempting to drink Monica’s leftover cooking fat. You might even call it the Friennacle. This seems to be one of the more memorable episodes, so its a bit surprising that it's so low on the rating scale. “Oh my God! Best line: Chandler: I'm so sorry, but you should have a sign out there or something. Obviously it ends badly, and he ends up finishing with both of them, but not before falling asleep on the train and ending up in Montreal. Who doesn't have a soft spot for an ugly naked guy ep? now on the Doctor Who YouTube channel: A key entry in the Chandler-Cathy chronicles, as Joey punishes his best friend’s unfaithfulness by locking him in a box for six hours, *and* the Monica-Richard chronicles, when the former kisses his son Tim. So it’s ironic when Ross takes Ben on a playdate with a stripper (who shows up to Chandler’s cousin’s bachelor party) and Rachel gets jealous in return. Happy quarter century, Friends! The latter wins out, with a hilarious caveat: the letter. Ingenious use of both Phoebe and Chandler here, as news of the latter’s tryst with Monica begins to circulate among the Friends. While the story of Phoebe’s embryo implantation on behalf of brother Frank delivers both laughs and a feel-good ending, it’s the quiz where the remaining quintet test how well they know each other – with Chandler and Joey ultimately winning Monica’s apartment – which steals the show, and series. Perhaps. Please do not send me hate mail. Mostly the early ones. Let's end on a gooey, sappy, adorably romantic note, shall we? But this episode makes this list for one word, and one word only: PIVOT! 7.5. Best line: Erica: I’m tired. Drunkenness is tough to pull off on the small screen, but Schwimmer and Aniston’s sozzled hotel room scene is both believable and hilarious, while light-relief storylines of Phoebe’s slot-machine rival and Joey’s hand-twin amuse too. “The One in Vegas” (Season 5, Episode 23) There is no better mix for great television than Vegas … Now, the show itself turns 25. How could you still be upset about that? We know, because we just tried to do it. Chandler gets the more heartwarming story, as Jill warms to his goofy brand of humour after she saves him from choking on a piece of (someone else’s) chewing gum. Come on you hairy-backed Marys! Against a New Year’s background that uses resolutions to exploit everyone’s flaws beautifully, Ross gets trapped in a date’s bathroom, unable to put the the trousers back on. [Silence], MSN UK is committed to Empowering the Planet and taking urgent action to protect our environment. Think of this post as like a Lifetime version of my feelings. Episode 422 and 423 were an anime-exclusive arc about everyone’s favorite little kid turned dreamy wife guy Konohamaru, but 424 takes us to the start of … On the surface, The One With the List is a cruel, heartbreaking episode. “The One With Joey’s New Brain” (Season 7, episode 15) The main plot of this episode is that Joey is … Best line: Ross: Piv-et. If you need a reminder of why the show is so great, here are the episodes to watch. Perhaps it’s cruel to laugh at the mental breakdown of one of the show’s core characters. David Schwimmer never gets the credit he deserves in Friends. Season 3, Episode 2: "The One Where No One's Ready" Best line: "Look at me, I'm Chandler, could I be … Phoebe: Okay, how do you feel now? At the time it was a real holy s**t moment, using makeup to reveal the cast as teens in the ‘80s: an overweight Monica, Rachel’s original nose and Ross’ Jheri curl. While Chandler is sucking up to Mr and Mrs Geller (because they don’t like him), he lets slip that Ross got high as a teenager… and blamed Chandler. Look at the picture...[Rachel looks at a picture of Ross. Joey finds the keys to a Porsche and, when no owner can be found, claims it as his own upon realising its ice-breaking abilities with the ladies. Bonnie or Rachel, Bonnie or Rachel? The most famous Friends episode ever, with cameos from Richard Branson, Jennifer Saunders, the Duchess of York (!) Anyway, if you're ready to rewatch the show and can't decide where to start...look no further! Not an episode you’ll find on many best lists, but this is a genuine gem. Friends isn't leaving Netflix any time soon, but that brush with its departure sure was intense. Chandler, in his biggest moment of foot-in-mouth ever, accidentally tells the child he’s adopted, which he didn’t know previously. The world watched that day as Rachel Green waltzed into Central Perk in her sopping wedding dress, and the world (and Ross) would never be the same. We're using cookies to improve your experience. Friends was a hit with fans from the very start, but it was this episode that proved it had serious comic chops. He wants me to come over, and feel his bicep, and more!” Then, during the credits, Ross finds out too…. To paraphrase the immortal title song: no matter your mood or life circumstances, Friends will be there for you… it has been for the last 24 years and may well be for the next 24. Best line: Rachel: I am so mad, Ross. Oh, and Joey goes on a date with his very first stalker. Monica: You know what your nickname is, Mr Big… We are watching in this order, by production date and chronological order. Phoebe pushes the picture away, then slaps Rachel across the temple] During childbirth. We couldn't exclude the ultimate setup episode on its birthday. Why Is Everybody Snapping Up This New Smartwatch? At their peak Friends’ writers crafted great episodes based only in Monica’s apartment, and this is the best of the bunch. Ok, bye.) Piv-eeeeeeeeeet!". All: And you're also bad in bed! Ross: That's funny, 'cause you are a huge crapweasel! Here are the 25 best episodes: 25. Quartet guy 2: No one likes a butt munch! Love is in the air for Phoebe too, when she finds an NYPD badge in Central Park and begins using it to accost mild law-breakers – only to flash it at owner Gary, who offers her dinner. If I had to, I’d pee on any one of you. Also, one word defines this episode: “Pivot”! Best line: Rachel: Ahhhh… salmon skin roll. Joey and Rachel become a surprise couple at the end of season 9, but their pairing is actually briefly foreshadowed four seasons earlier, in this ep. (Psst: fast forward to 2:15 for the grand entrance of all grand entrances). Which made us laugh hardest, sigh the loudest, or tear-up with sentiment? Best line: Susie: My skirt, you lifted, kids laughing. Yes, we would like some more alcohol, and you know, we would like some more beers too. There’s a power cut across most of New York, and the Friends find themselves stuck - Chandler is trapped in an ATM booth with Jill Goodacre, the model, and the rest are stranded in Monica’s apartment with a dwindling supply of candles. Just wait. … Farewells are also bid to the boys’ legendary foosball table, and the little big apartment that hosted ten seasons. What Are the Best Korean Dramas? 53 best TV shows to stream on Netflix. After a maddening series of misunderstandings, the indelible image of Chandler and Monica both kneeling before each other to propose, surrounded by candlelight, will always exemplify some of the best of Friends. In the present, Rachel kisses Ross and sets the agenda for the next eight seasons. Which makes for some wonderfully awkward TV. I don’t think I’ve ever been this angry. Sometimes you just want a bit of slapstick and body comedy, which this episode delivers in spades. “Now go! This episode bridges everything yet to come from Friends, as Ross messing up his vows makes it clear he and Rach will never be ‘over’, and Chandler and Monica get it on for the first time: A move so popular with the live audience that Perry and Cox had to hold their pose, after Monica lifts the bed covers, for 27 seconds. Best line: Ross: Do you know the word, 'crapweasel'? ?’ best. The 20 Best Episodes of The Vampire Diaries. (At this point Rach is nonplussed by his awkward advances, which are based on a dream about Monica.) Mashable, MashBash and Mashable House are among the federally registered trademarks of Ziff Davis, LLC and may not be used by third parties without explicit permission. They're both gorgeous and sexy. Best line: Phoebe: See, he’s her lobster. The Big Bang Theory: 10 Best Episodes To Rewatch If You Miss Wil Wheaton. Best line: Joey: All right, who got Chandler? The cast clearly needs some more time to find their groove as the characters that would become the Friends. Best line: Chandler: Hey, I can be pretty charming, babe, I won you over, didn’t I?